50ft EuroTent installed at an Airport in Brooklyn, New York

Why Choose Heavy Duty Party Tents?

Purchasing a party-tent for long-term use is an investment.  You may be tempted by cheaper alternatives. But with tents, you get what you pay for. Armbruster tents might be priced more than some of the products on the market. But we pride ourselves on durable, long lasting, safe tents that provide our customers with a high rate of return on their investment....

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Tent Cleaning Tips

Extend the life of your tents with proper maintenance and cleaning.  Understanding the proper way to maintain and clean the vinyl material that our tents are made from will help your tents look better and remain in good condition longer.  If dirt accumulates on your tent surface, it can lead to mold and mildew growth, which shortens the lifespan of the material....

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50x50 EuroTent at U.S. Embassy in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia

EuroTent in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia

Armbruster products are used worldwide.  This is an example of a 50ft x 50ft Armbruster EuroTent installed at the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Embassy was looking for a tent for special events held in the embassy courtyard.  The U.S. Embassy wanted an extremely weather resistant tent that could be easily installed on preset footings inside the courtyard for special events. The EuroTent with a Celebration Frame Tent was the answer....

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Disaster Relief Tents: Base Tent Gift of Painted Tents for the Children of Haiti. Armbruster tents painted by artists and donated as classrooms following the Earthquake in Haiti.

Base Paint Tents for Haiti Classrooms

Antuan, in collaboration with Fundacion Manos del Sur and Step by Step Foundation, created a humanitarian art project: painted tents that will be used as classrooms for the children affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The tents were provided by Armbruster Manufacturer, who has a history of providing tents for disaster relief starting in World War I....

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Clearspan, Waterbury

Clearspan Structures from Armbruster

Large Tension Fabric Steel Buildings - Clearspan series from Armbruster - Need a structure for a more permanent application that is snow load rated? Contact Armbruster today for a quote on a steel frame supported, tensioned fabric structure. These structures offer an interior with a strong trussed steel design and covers made of premium 22 oz Ferrari PVC coated vinyl. Clearspans are strong, long lasting, and built with quality fabrication. ...

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Manufacturing Inspection Tent/Custom Dark Room to Inspect Turbine Blades

Custom Fabric Enclosures for Manufacturing from Armbruster

Armbruster Manufacturing can custom fabricate any type of enclosure for indoor or outdoor use. Many of our structures have been implemented in manufacturing facilities and other work areas for a variety of applications including: equipment covers, equipment protection during sand blasting, dust collection enclosures, inspection tents, dark rooms, welding enclosures, environmental work areas, and more...

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