Vitabri™ Pop-Up Canopy

Armbruster Manufacturing Company has partnered with French tent manufacturer, Vitabri™, to bring a reusable, structurally sound canopy to the market. The Vitabri canopy is suitable for all occasions and comes in several models.

X-Pert Canopy

X-pert Line

A Super Strong Line with the Highest Grade Aluminum Available in the Market.

  • The X-Pert Line is the strongest tent in the industry that is designed for intense, long term use
  • Stable enough to withstand heavy winds and harsh weather conditions
  • Ideal for all types of terrains such as the mountains, beaches, or parks


  • 50mm Hexogonal Legs with anit-shock resistence
  • Fiberglass firings for extra endurance
  • Oversized triangle footplates for secure stability
  • Reinforced overall truss bars for anti-friction support to the top

Durability 10 Cost $$$ 5 Year Warranty

Classic Line Steel

Classic Line Steel

A Traditional & Dependable Line

  • Commercial grade steel that is strong & dependable
  • Powder coated smooth finishing for anti-rust protection & longer lifetime
  • Highest rated tent at an affordable price


  • Reinforced Truss Bars with ABS fitings
  • 45 mm Hexagonal Legs – Ultimate resistance to the frame
  • Crank Up Technology – Adjusts peak tension
  • Thumb Latch – 5 different height adjustments

Durability 7 Cost $$ 2 Year Warranty

V4L_Tent_prod page

Classic Line Aluminum

A Traditional & Dependable Line

  • Commercial anodized aluminum that is affordable and lightweight
  • Incredibly agile for effortless transportation & portability
  • Suberb visual smooth aluminum finishing for professional presentation


  • High Quality ABS Fittings for frame support
  • 45 mm Hexagonal Legs for frame durability
  • Crank Up Technology – Adjusts peak tension
  • Smooth Mast Top

Durability 6 Cost $$ 2 Year Warranty

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Value Line

A Reliable Cost Effective Solution

  • Entry level steel frame that is ideal for any budget
  • Finished in white powder protection against rust for longer durability
  • Light weight for easy setup & convenient portability


  • High Quality ABS Fittings for frame support
  • 30 mm Square White Powder Coated Legs
  • Simplified Push Button for Height Adjustments
  • Smooth Mast Top

Durability 4 Cost $ 1 Year Warranty