Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I want to place an order, what do I do now?

To place an order with Armbruster you first need to get your final quote from us which includes all the details of your order the shipping costs to your location.  Make sure you have provided your shipping address so we can get firm shipping costs door to door.  We will then send the General Order Form to you via email, fax, or mail.  Once you receive this sign and return with payment, or you can call and we can process your credit card and shipping details over the phone.  We are open 8am to 4:30 pm Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.  We accept checks, money orders, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

Where can I find more photos of Armbruster Tents?

Start by checking out our photo gallery.

How do I order replacement parts?

Armbruster carries all the spare and replacement parts for all the tents we offer.  To order replacement parts send us a list of items you need and shipping address and we can quote price with shipping to your door with approximate lead time if items are readily in stock.  For example, we carry replacement fittings, pipe, and pins for our Celebration frame tents.  All models of ratchet straps, stakes, sidewall, patch kits are also available.

How do I get my Tent Repaired?

The quickest way to get a quote on repairs is to send us a photo of the damage and description with your contact information.  We can give estimates on almost all repairs from photos sent to us.  Be sure to give us your shipping address so we can quote shipping to and from your location.  You can send photos via email to

What we don’t repair or manufacture

Pool Covers, Trucking tarps, Trampolines, boat covers, sails, vehicle awnings, convertible tops, camping tents, clothing, leather items, umbrellas, tow straps, inflatables, parachutes, grass catchers, zippers, luggage, bags, cases, curtains, web slings, furniture, cot covers, gym mats, chair covers, cushions.  We only repair items we originally manufactured.

What fabrics do we offer?

Armbruster works with several fabrics.  For example, our large tents and structures are made from water proof flame retardant structural grade vinyls in many different weights.  Our awnings are made with specialized vinyls or acrylic fabrics such as Sunbrella.  Our historical tents are made with natural treated canvas in the same specifications we made the canvas tents originally.  Our VITABRI canopies are offered in both vinyl and 600D Polyester fabrics.

What size Tent do I need?

This is s common question and depends on how you are using the space under the tent.  For example, will everyone be seated in rows, standing, at tables?  Do you need space for stages, serving tables, dance floors?  The best way to do this is let us know how many people you are wanting to cover, and we can guide you to the best size.  We normally plan for one table per 10’ x 10’ space, which seats 8-10 normally.

What rental equipment do we offer?

Armbruster leases Tents with sidewalls, tables, chairs, dance floors, and lighting.  We don’t offer tent heaters, tent flooring, tent cooling, inflatables, or linens or dishware.  We can recommend sources for the items we don’t offer.  Our leases cover one to seven days, and include installation and removal with travel costs.  We also over extended leases.

Celebration Frame Tents

What separates the aluminum frame Celebration from other competing Frame Tents?

First, our Aluminum Frame Tent is fully engineered and each tent is shipped with certification (IBC 2006 90 mph 3 second exposure, 70 mph sustained). This assures you of the strength and performance you are expecting on your investment. Second, we use only structural grade components. Where other manufacturers are using aluminum tubing, we use only structural grade aluminum pipe. Where other manufacturers are offering aluminum or sand-cast fittings, we supply zinc-plated steel fittings. Third, we vinyl coated stainless steel cable wall system that looks and performs better than other rope and snap type wall systems. We offer adjustable uprights when requested at no extra charge. In addition, we do not sew through the vinyl roof and, thus, provide you a leak-proof tent.

I am thinking of getting into the party rental business. What size frame tent should I buy?

We recommend to our customers that they purchase a Sectionalized 20′ x 40′. Thus, for 10% more than the normal price of a One-Piece 20′ x 40′, you have the option to construct a 20′ x 40′, 20′ x 30′, or 20′ x 20′ – providing greater flexibility for your investment and a faster rate of return.

Do you offer color variations or custom graphics on your tents?

Armbruster Tents come with two color options: solid color or stripped with two colors. A solid color tent can be manufactured from any of the colors available. A two-color, stripped pattern tent can be produced using a combination of two colors. Contact us for a color card.  Wanting to match your company colors exactly? We can source custom colors for you – just give us a sample. In addition, please take advantage of promoting your organization or firm with custom graphics or signage. Armbruster can put your company logo or information on the side of any tent. Please contact us for more information regarding custom graphics. Please visit our contact page.


What are the advantages of using a 23 oz. coated vinyl fabric?

A fabric’s weight is made up by the type and size of the polyester base fabric and the thickness of the films used to cover it. In layman’s terms, a heavier fabric is going to perform better structurally, have greater tear and abrasion qualities, as well as last longer as a result of its UV resistance. While our competitors use lighter fabrics to cut costs, we believe in using only the highest quality (often heavier) fabrics in order to provide our customers the best return on their investment by providing of longer life product.

Can EuroTents be installed permanently?

Yes, EuroTents® are fully engineered and are often installed in a capacity where they are used seasonally or year round. The wide array of customization available with the side-curtains allow these systems to be heated or cooled. Our EuroTents® are also sold with web ratchet assemblies standard. This allows the end user to apply the necessary tension on the structure with the minimal amount of labor thus allowing it to perform better for a long-term installation as well as allowing for more simplified maintenance.

How do I connect this new tent to my facility?

With standard 10’ spacing between side poles, 10’ Celebration® walkway canopies or marquees can be connected and guttered the EuroTent® and then run to your permanent facility. This allows your EuroTent® to act as a seamless addition to your facility.


What makes your PoleTent different from other traditionally styled pole tents on the market?

Simply put, Armbruster manufactures the best pole tent on the market. This is achieved by our attention to detail, craftsmanship, and incorporating the most durable materials available. Let us list a few examples. We use vinyl coated aircraft cable for the sidewall line while the competition uses simple rope or braid. Where our competition uses powder coated pole tabs or antiquated leather pole holes, we use stainless steel pole tabs and stainless steel grommets. In addition, every PoleTent® manufactured is engineered and certification is provided for 90 mph wind rating.

Why use a PoleTent rather than a EuroTent?

PoleTents® satisfy the customer’s needs or requirements for a “traditional” look while providing a considerable price savings. This price savings translates into the fastest return on your investment dollars.