Using a tensile structure design, the Eurotent is an elegant and modern tent with flowing peaks, clean lines, and a spacious interior. Fully engineered, the Eurotent’s durability means that it may be used seasonally or as a semi-permanent structure that can be floored, heated, or cooled. With its versatile, modular design, the Eurotent can be sized to accommodate larger galas, receptions, and other events and provides a perfect fit for any site.


  • Single peaked: 20’, 30’, 40’, 50’.
  • Twin peaked: 60’, 80’.
  • Sectionalized tops.
  • Modular design with fewer interior poles.
  • 18oz laminate vinyl or 23oz coated vinyl top available.
  • Thread: #138 polyester or better, U.V. resistant with mildew inhibitors.
  • Available in translucent and opaque fabrics. Washable premium vinyl that is mildew resistant and flame resistant. Flame certificate included with purchase.
  • Multiple solid color options.
  • Cantenary webbing system between side poles is unexposed, consisting of 2 x 2 layers of 2” polyester webbing, mildew resistant, with 12,000lbs per inch breaking strength.
  • Engineered structural grade anodized aluminum pipe.
  • Stainless steel hardware; load rated hardware plates. ½” stainless steel web plates shall be ½” stainless steel. Grommets in web plates #4 stainless steel.
  • Leach Grommets: #5 roll rim, spur solid brass.
  • Webbing in valleys consist of 2 x 2 layers of 2” wide polyester webbing, mildew resistant, with 15,000lbs per inch breaking strength.
  • Cable: 7 x 7 prestretched aircraft cable, galvanized and 3/16 white PVC coated.
  • Valance: 15” straight edge. Valance edge finished with vinyl binding in white.
  • Advanced ratchet guy system.
  • Detachable sidewalls in various styles available. Attached to PVC coated aircraft cable.
  • Certified engineering – 90mph wind rating.
  • Rental proven quality for maximum return on investment.
  • Easy to install with two or more people; no tools required for assembly. Full service field installation available.
  • Storage bags included for tent tops.
  • Full one year warranty on all workmanship and fabrication. Prorated warranty on the fabric.
  • Trade-in policy for affordable upgrades.


In the early 1990’s, Armbruster led the industry in a new direction with the introduction of the Eurotent by combining the aesthetics of a tension tent with the durability of a pole tent. Eurotents have been sold all over the world for semi-permanent and permanent applications.







Available in a solid or with window options.
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Door option available.
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Tent Lighting

Globe or spot lights are available.
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Tent Lighting