50ft EuroTent installed at an Airport in Brooklyn, New York

Why Choose Heavy Duty Party Tents?

Purchasing a party-tent for long-term use is an investment.  You may be tempted by cheaper alternatives. But with tents, you get what you pay for. Armbruster tents might be priced more than some of the products on the market. But we pride ourselves on durable, long lasting, safe tents that provide our customers with a high rate of return on their investment.

Our features and durable manufacturing processes ensure a tent that will last you decades:

Heavy Duty 17 oz – 23 oz Weight Fabrics.

  • We only use heavy-duty 17oz to 23oz vinyl on our party tents.  Heavy weight fabrics last longer and can withstand weather better than lighter weight alternatives.

Opaque, UV Resistant Fabrics

  • Opaque fabrics mean a cooler tent underneath during hot, sunny days.

Stainless Steel Plates vs. Aluminum

  • Stainless steel plates throughout the tent means a stronger tent with parts that won’t rust.
  • Not only can rust be harmful to the structure of the tent, rust can also bleed over the fabric, degrading its appearance and quality.
  • Stainless steel means a stronger tent.

Vinyl Coated Aircraft Cable for Wall Cords vs. Rope

  • Ropes break over time.  Vinyl coated aircraft cable is longer lasting and stronger.

Double Overlapping Rain Flaps

  • To minimize leaking during inclement weather, we add overlapping rain flaps where the tent sections come together.

Reinforced Cables and Ridges

  • Cables and ridges are reinforced with stainless steel 3/4″ cable.

Dacron Reinforced 2″ Webbing

  • We build out tents with Dacron reinforced 2″ webbing throughout using the finest construction techniques.

A Complete Tent Package

  • Each pole supported tent you purchase includes heavy duty 2″ ratchets, 4″ OD aluminum center poles, and choice of wood or aluminum side poles with 42″ steel stakes.

Engineering, Wind Ratings and Flame Certificates

  • Engineering and flame certificates are provided with each tent.  Our frame and pole tents have 90 mph 3 second exposure, 70 mph sustained and our TensionTent has a 120 mph wind rating.

Great Return on Investment

  • Our customers usually get 25-35 years out of our PoleTents, EuroTents, and TensionTents. Our Celebration frame tents last up to 20 years or more.
  • Our competition is the best seller of our products!  They claim Armbruster tents are “heavy” and expensive.  But heavy tents mean better, longer-lasting components, and a tent that will pay for itself year after year. You can rest assured during your event that when the wind blows our tents are standing strong, enduring the elements.

Customer Service and Discount Packages Available

  • We offer a trade in policy on all of our products.
  • We offer great start up discount packages for new rental companies buying tents for the first time.

Family Owned, American-Made Product

  • When you contact Armbruster, a fourth generation, family owned business, you reach the key management and sales staff immediately, and can always talk to a family member who will address your needs.
  • If problems arise, we can offer quick solutions and rapid turn around times vs. a company with field sales reps, or large office staff.
  • Plus we have been American-made since 1875!

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our products!