Celebration Frame Tent provides patio dining during covid-19.

Increase Dining Space with an Armbruster Tent

Armbruster has been supporting healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 crisis with drive through testing, screening tents and more.  We have also provided tents to essential businesses who needed outdoor space for temperature screening.  Now, as the country slowly moves into re-opening, Armbruster is supporting local businesses with tents....

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Disaster Relief Tents: Base Tent Gift of Painted Tents for the Children of Haiti. Armbruster tents painted by artists and donated as classrooms following the Earthquake in Haiti.

Base Paint Tents for Haiti Classrooms

Antuan, in collaboration with Fundacion Manos del Sur and Step by Step Foundation, created a humanitarian art project: painted tents that will be used as classrooms for the children affected by the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The tents were provided by Armbruster Manufacturer, who has a history of providing tents for disaster relief starting in World War I....

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White Vinyl General Purpose Medium Profile, Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief Tents from Armbruster

Armbruster Manufacturing Company has supplied American-made, disaster relief tents at several times in our company's history.  Following the devestating earthquake in Haiti, we were approached to build disaster relief tents for the people affected by this disaster.  We created high quality, rugged tents that are simple and easy to install....

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