Historical Military Tent Flys

Small Fly to fit over Small Wall Tent, or stand by itself

Period World War I small Tent Fly

World War II Tent Fly with extra corner posts to stretch it further

World War I Tent Fly
Armbruster Mfg. Co. has been producing tents since 1875. We have manufactured military tents and flys since our first government contracts during World War I. We now offer again Tent Flys that can be used to fit over wall tents for better rain protection and cooling, or stand alone as a separate shaded area. The World War II flys are made from the same MILSPEC OD FMWR cotton canvas as used during the war. They have correct rope and slides, with U.S. stencils.
The World War I flys are waterproof treated cotton duck, with correct period slides and rope, U.S. stencils, and our factory stencil from an original brass plate dating from the pre-1900s. These are authentic and built to last. Why not purchase one from an original manufacturer who made these through both world wars. Need a World War One Tent custom built, contact us for a quote! We will make any custom canvas tent you are looking for.
WWII Tent Fly Small Canvas – $375
Wooden Poles and Stakes Small – $250
WWII Tent Fly Large Canvas – $1122
Wooden Poles and Stakes for Large – $420
WWI Tent Fly Small Canvas – $425
Wooden Poles and stakes – $250
Contact us today for a quote on shipping. sales@armbrustertentmaker.com. 800-637-4326.