Custom WWII Tents for Vendors

Recently Armbruster was contacted by a vendor with a special request for a WWII style tent. He wanted the look of a WWII Canvas Large Wall Tent for his business. However, he needed something that would be free standing in the parking lots where he sold his goods. Armbruster custom built a heavy duty internal frame to match the Large Wall Tent dimensions, and modified a large wall tent to fasten to the frame. Now the customer has the look of a Large Wall Tent, but the versatility of a free standing frame tent.Did you know during WWII that in locations where troops had their tents installed for long periods of time that they built internal frames like this from wood to support the tents? ...

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World War II (WWII) Small Wall Tent, with Small Fly Up Front

Armbruster displays WWII Tents at Rockford WWII Days

Armbruster Tentmaker displayed our reproduction World War II canvas tents during the Rockford World War II Days held on September 23-26, 2010, in Midway Village, Rockford, Illinois. The 10th Mountain Division, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment (Reenacted) displayed the latest models of World War II specification tents in their camp. Tents displayed this year were the 1942 Command Tent, Wall Tent, Small and Wall Tent, Large as well as a Small Fly. The 1942 Command Tent was a huge hit. It offered re-enactors a spacious interior with room enough for two cots, two desks and trunks and windows that rolled up for ventilation.  The tents weathered a large storm the first night and didn't leak a bit....

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Historical Military Tent Flys

Armbruster Manufacturing Company has been producing tents since 1875, and we began manufacturing military tents and flys during World War I when we received our first government contracts. We are pleased to again offer reproduction tent flys that can be used to fit over wall tents for better rain protection and cooling, or stand alone as a separate shaded area.  Our flys are authentic and built to last. If you are a historical re-enactor, museum, set designer or just appreciate historical reproductions, why not purchase a tent or tent fly from the manufacturer who made these through both world wars?...

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Armbruster's World War II (WWII) 1934 Pyramidal Tent, (Tent, Fire-Resistant, Pyramidal, M-1934, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-320)

1934 Pyramidal Tent from Armbruster

Armbruster Manufacturing is pleased to present the newest product in our line of historical tents, the 1934 Pyramidal tent.  We first produced this tent during World War II. At the time, it was classified as "Tent, Fire-Resistant, Pyramidal, M-1934, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-320," and its original purpose was quartering of personnel....

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Armbruster World War II Large Wall Tent. Our tents are secure and can withstand rainstorms.

Armbruster Tents at WWII Weekend 2010 Jefferson Barracks

The 325th Glider Infantry Regiment living history group will be showing Armbruster Manufacturing's World War II reproduction canvas period tents at the Jefferson Barracks, Missouri, WWII Weekend, April 23-25, 2010. Armbruster originally manufactured these tents under contract during the war, and now offers these same tents manufactured at our facility made to the same specifications as the original wartime contracts....

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