Emergency Tents for Haiti Disaster Housing

Disaster Relief Tents Made in the USA from Armbruster. Built to withstand the Haitain Rain season these tents are made strong.
  • Designed to be water resistant (no stitching, continous RF Welded membrane of heavy duty 14oz vinyl) reinforced with vinyl coated webbing and brass grommets
  • Heavy duty tie downs and stakes to withstand strong winds and rain
  • Large spacious interior for ventilation and standing room
  • Large enough to fit 4 cots, or 1-2 families
  • Both ends can be folded up for ventilation and access
  • Each end at top has fine mesh vent to allow for ventilation, but not allow water to enter
  • Vinyl flooring option available
  • Storage bag included
  • UV resistant vinyl for long use (not sewn polyester with no UV protection)
  • Heavy duty wood poles for support and hanging of interior hooks, lights, hardware, ect.

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