Glamping tents from Armbruster

America's oldest tent maker since 1875, Armbruster has a long history of making heavy duty, long lasting canvas tents that now are in high demand for Glamping.  Armbruster custom fabricates pole supported glamping tents in both traditional wooden pole supported tents guyed out by natural fiber ropes, and rigid frame structures with vinyl exteriors and canvas interior liners for the more contemporary feel.  Armbruster had been awarded contracts to fabricate glamping tents at various sites included Napa Valley and Southern California Ski resorts as well as wineries and camp grounds in various locals.  Recently a newly wed couple purchased at Armbruster Bell tent to use for their traveling honeymoon sweet....

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Large Wall Tent, World War II (WWII)

Going Green With Armbruster Tents

Armbruster Manufacturer strives to run a "green" manufacturing processes that is sustainable, reducing the environmental impact as much as possible.  We create many of our products from environmentally-friendly materials and try to reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible....

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