Interior Display Tents for Furniture Stores

Armbruster specializes is custom tents of every variation.  This furniture store customer in Indianpolis wanted a rustic tent display withing the store to fit a specific space dimension.  Tent is used to display rustic furniture in a tent setting for their customers.  Armbruster customer made a frame supported tent with the profile of an outfitting tent made from natural canvas hiding all modern aspects of the supporting frame with canvas slip covers and painted fittings to match the natural canvas.See for more example of the customer tents that can be made to fit your application....

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Bedouin tent, Santa Barbara, California

Bedouin Tent from Armbruster

Armbruster replicated a Bedouin Tent for a customer in Santa Barbara, California.  The customer requested a concept that followed the original design of Bedouin tents from North Africa.  Armbruster worked closely to follow each detail, reviewing historical and current imagery of Bedouin tents. The result provided a shady spot to view the ocean from this property, as well as a tent that was used for a unique "glamping"-type experience....

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