Sidewall Tension Tent Kansas City, MO

Armbruster TensionTent Standing Strong for Over 15 Years

Are you looking for a semi-permanent structure for your event space or business? Our TensionTent might be the option you are looking for.

This TensionTent was originally installed in Kansas City, Missouri.  Our beautiful, snow-rated TensionTent has withstood the elements for more than 15 years at the private residence where it is installed.

The owners wanted us to refresh our original structure with a new cover.  Armbruster Tentmaker created a beautiful new cover.  Working with Kansas City Tent and Awning, the new cover was installed.  We hope this TensionTent can be used for another 15 plus years!

Standing the test of time, the Armbruster TensionTent–first developed in 1990–is the strongest, longest-lasting pole-supported tent of its kind.