Circus Tent, AerialView, Blue and Yellow

Circus Tents from Armbruster Tentmaker

Armbruster Tentmaker — family-owned and established in 1875 — has a long history of making Circus tents.  We built our first big tops in the 1890s and continue to custom-build a variety of boutique circus tents to fit your needs and budget.  We custom build each tent to your specifications with colors of your choice.  Different fabric weights are also available.  Build times range from 30-60 days depending on size and style.  We also offer entrance flys, entrance canopies, custom cupolas, dressing tents, and other staging tents that can color-match your big top.

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Classic Circus Tent

With its beautiful peaks and color options, our Classic Circus Tent is based on our original 1890s circus tent design.  The Classic Circus Tent is offered in a variety of colors and sizes.  Custom valences are available.  It is designed with rounded ends for that classic circus tent look.

60′ x 90′ – $35,000

40′ x 80′ – $24,000

40′ x 60′ – $18,000

40′ x 40′ – $12,000 

Smaller options also available

Circus Poletent

The Circus Poletent is based off our original, 1875 Poletent design.  Circus Poletent tops are offered in a variety of colors.  White side walls are available as an option as well.  Please note that rounded ends and custom valences are not available in this model.

60′ x 90′ – $32,000

40′ x 80′ – $20,000

40′ x 60′  – $16,000

40′ x 40′ – $11,000

Smaller Options Available

Traditional Bail Ring Design

Our traditional bail ring tents offer another classic option for your event or performance.

PoleTent, 90 Foot, Bail Ring Design, AerialView

90′ x 90′ Traditional Bail Ring Design – $48,000 (also available in sizes from from 60′ – 120′ Wide)

Modern Peaked Designs

We also offer more modern peaked designs that offer a sleek and unique look for your event.  From our peaked tents to our Tension Tent, we offer several options if you are looking for a more modern look for your performance space.

Circus Tent, Round, Cirque Boheme
Circus Tent, Peaked, Round, Cirque Boheme

50′ Round End Single Pole Design – $35,000

Circus Tent for Midnight Circus

70′ Round End Twin Pole Design – $65,000


80′ x 80′ Four Pole Option – $43,724 (also available in larger sizes)

TensionTent, Peach and Teal, IFAI Show

The Armbruster Tension Tent offers another unique option for your performance space.  It is available in widths from 48′ to 114′.  Please contact us for updated pricing.