Snow Loaded TensionTent at Hidden River Events

Recently Armbruster Manufacturing delivered and installed a complete TensionTent wedding venue tent package to Hidden River Events in Asheville, NC.  A 72ft x 102ft main event tent with 36ft x 36ft Catering Tent and connecting canopy.  The website can be found here:

Hidden River is a  beautful venue to host weddings and special events.  For years they used an Armbruster 40×100 EuroTent year round, but new for 2015 the upgraded to the premium TensionTent series.

The Armbruster TensionTent, first introduced in 1990, is the only Snow Rated pole supported event tent of it’s kind.  Designed by Bernard Armbruster it is engineered for 120 mph wind rating, and 25 lb snow load, it out performs every other event tent in its class.  Not to mention, its the most elegant design available in an event tent.  Made from premium grade fabrics and stainless steel hardware, the Armbruster TensionTent has lifespans from 20-25 years at least.  Long lasting, strong, beaufiful design, there’s no other tent like it.  It is truly the original Tension Tent!

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Here’s a recent Testimonial:

Hello Mr. Armbruster and the Armbruster “family” of workers:
Thank you so much for the amazing 72″ “Tension Tent.”  It’s even more beautiful than I imagined it would be.  I’ve been telling people that our infrastructure will benefit from a 100% improvement in quality and beauty.  I think I have to change that now to 1000%.  It’s amazing.  It’s obviously built so well and, wouldn’t you know it:   its first night of installation it receives its first “snow load” test with a wet and heavy 8″ snowfall here in the Asheville area.
Your guys were wonderful:  so professional.  They were so quick to work and clear about what they needed to do and obviously had a system so that, at any given moment, each person had a task to do and was not watching anyone else working.  That was really nice to see and evidence of a very conscientious “team” who understands that the success of the whole depends on the individual efforts of the one.  Please tell them again how much I appreciated their attitudes and effort, on days when the weather was less than balmy.  I guess the Illinois winters have prepared them well!
Attached you will find some photos of the installed tent and the process leading up to it; and as our events progress, we will send you photos of the tent in action.  I am calling the big one the “Mothership,” (possibly the Imperial Cruiser) and the little one (the catering tent), “little sistah.”  We gave our first tour yesterday and when the clients walked into the tent, they gasped at how beautiful it is, and that’s even before we have it decorated!

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