World War One French Conical Tent from Armbruster

With over two years of reasearch and study, Armbruster Tentmaker is proud to now offer the First World War French Army Conical Tent.  Proud to be the only manufacturer of this tent in the world, Armbruster has painstakingly recreated this tent for living historians, museums, movie productions, and French enthusiasts to enjoy.  Built just like the original, the tent features a 21 ft diameter base to sleep a full French squad or close to 12 people on the interor.  Made from natural treated cotton canvas these tents are produced new again, with rope ties to secure the front door, a door that becomes an entrance awning, wind and rain protected wall flap arond bottom, with loops for wall stakes.  Tent features ventilation hole at top with metal hood as well.

This tent sells new for $2200.  Spliced wooden pole and stake kit is an additonal $400.  Allow 12 weeks for production.  These tents are handmade in our factory located in Springfield, Illinois, USA.

Armbruster Manfacturing Company has been making quality tents since 1875.  Contact us for a full World War One tent catalog as well as our entire World War Two tent series.  Armbruster proudly made tents for the military since 1875 and is proud to recreate these histocial gems for customers to enjoy again.  Made just like the originals.  Contact us at


More Original Pictures of French WWI Squad Tents: