Countryside Banquet & Catering, Washington, Illinois, Garden Tent, 60x100 EuroTent

Need a Banquet Hall?

Do you own a bed and breakfast, hotel, golf course, or club and need a space for special events but don’t want increase your property taxes? Try a tent!  A party tent is a great option for additional space for special events.  The elegant setting of a tent creates the perfect venue for long lasting memories. When compared to the costs of brick and mortar building or addition, tents usually come in at a fraction of the cost.

Armbruster tents are built to last and stand up against many weather conditions.  Many of our customers install their tent in early Spring and take down in the Fall providing several months for special events.

Countryside Banquet & Catering Garden Tent, Washington, IL, 60x100 EuroTent

A tent offers limitless options for decor for your special events.  For flooring options you can build a wooden deck, put down mulch, pour a blacktop or concrete pad, or just use on grass.

The Rail, Springfield, Illinois, Wedding with String Lighting
Many of our customers install unique lighting concepts to highlight the peaks and elegance of our tents.  For example, customers have hung chandeliers, string lights, and lanterns within their tent to create a beautiful atmosphere.
Bottom Deck Converted to Event Space, Cathedral Windows

There are also many options and customizations that can be made to the tent windows, for example cathedral windows, mesh windows, all season windows, or a customized option that matches the look and feel of your venue.

Heating and Cooling, Exterior Handler

We can also customize your tent with duct openings for heating and cooling systems.  This allows your tent to be used when the weather is unseasonably hot or cold to keep your guests comfortable.

Interior shot of a beautiful outdoor wedding that was held in Taylor Ridge, Illinois. The reception was held under an Armbruster EuroTent.

The decor options are endless…plants, flowers, fountains and more.  You can make each event have its own unique flair.

Pole Tent, Exterior, with Side Curtains

Choose 17 oz laminate fabric, or our 23 oz heavy duty coated vinyl options for longevity.

EuroTent 60x100, Countryside Banquet

Popular tents that are commonly used our our PoleTent or EuroTent in 40×60, 40×80, or 40×100 options. 50×80 EuroTents are also very popular because there are only two interior center poles.

Tension Tent

Another option is  our one-of-a-kind TensionTent. Our TensionTent was first introduced in 1990.  It provides a strong and unique design that has no ties downs to contend with. You can put in permanent footings or go with the anchoring package that comes with the tent.

Please contact us to learn more about how we can expand your event space using a durable and elegant, American-made Armbruster tent.