Tension Tent, Snow Load

Snow Load Rated TensionTents

Need a tent that carries a snow load for winter applications? Try the Armbruster TensionTent.  Our TensionTent is a proven, original design, first introduced in 1990.  It is snow load rated to 25 psf, with a 120 mph wind rating.  The option for sidewall may also be added on for extra protection from weather conditions.  TensionTents have been installed in locations with severe winter conditions such as Newfoundland, New Hampshire, northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Utah.

Other benefits of the TensionTent:

  • Easy Installation on any fairly flat surface
  • Modular in design
  • No guy ropes
  • One of kind center pole tensioning system
  • Unique contemporary design for elegant events

For more information about our TensionTent, please see our TensionTent product info, or contact us.

TensionTent in Snow
TensionTent with Sidewalls ECU March 20, 2006