Introduction to the EuroTent


In the early 1990’s, Armbruster helped lead the industry in a new direction for the next generation of tents. The Armbruster EuroTent® represents this directional change. As greater engineering and design demands have been placed on tents, Armbruster responded with the fully engineered EuroTent®; a structure that shares many of the same details of the PoleTent® while incoroporating a modern design and aesthetic. The EuroTent® is available in widths of 40’, 50’, 60’, and 80’ and its modular design allows expandability to any length.

The Armbruster EuroTent® features standard 10’ side pole spacing, 23oz. structural grade fabrics, guy webs at no extra charge, and all stainless steel hardware. Tensioning is achieved through an unexposed 2” cantenary webbing system between side poles. Armbruster’s attention to detail ensures the longevity and safety of your tent as well as providing you the best return on your investment.

EuroTents® are used by Tent Rental Companies nationwide who want to set themselves apart from the competition. Hotels, Resort, and Country Clubs use EuroTents® as seasonal or semi-permanent structures that can be floored, heated, or cooled as your situation may dictate.

For more details on the EuroTent, please visit our EuroTent product page.