Armbruster 1942 Command Post Tent

Original Photo of 1942 CP Tent

CW4 Bundgaard demonstrating message flap

CW4 Bundgaard demonstrating proper installation

Windows with black out flaps

Snap on clear plastic overlays for windows

Armbruster 1942 Command Tent photo: CW4 James E. Bundgaard

Armbruster is now offering the 1942 WWII Command Post Tent (or commonly known as the “2HQ” tent during the war) under its line of WWII period tents. This tent is manufactured as the Tent, Fire-Resistant, Command Post, M-1942, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-318-33.

Introduced in 1942, this tent was used in Theater of Operations to provide office shelter for Staff Sections of the several Command Echelons. The Command Post Tent is constructed in such a way that it may be completely blacked out, it may thus be safely used in a combat area without fear of observation. When necessary, this tent may be used for quartering of TWO Officers. This tent is 7ft wide, 11ft 10.5 inches long, and 7ft high. Floor space is 84 feet. Tent is made from 12.29 oz authentic cotton duck with metal slides. Square windows are made of flexible glass material, with covering flaps. Tent includes ventilation vents, and message drop openings. There is no provision for stove pipe openings as per the original design.

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