Armbruster tents are Rated for 90 mph wind Rating

Did you know Armbruster tents are rated for 90 mph ASCE 2005? Did you know our top of the line TensionTent is rated for 120mph 25 psf? Armbruster provides the only snow rated modular tent on the market.
Armbruster tents are the strongest, longest lasting tents you can buy. We don’t cut corners in our engineering and components. We use only the strongest fabrics in out tent production.
Did you know that there is a huge market for Armbruster second hand tents? Because we build out tents to last, we take tents back in trade or sell on consignment because we know the were built strong to begin with and have decades more use in them when sold as used. We get calls from customers who have had our tents over 20 years and they are still holding up strong.
The reason for this is because we engineer our tents! This means we built tents that when staked properly will hold up beyond what the engineering calls for. We build reserves into our tents with double re-enforcements that no other tent manufacturer will meet.
When purchasing your next tent, ask you manufacturer for proof of engineering when you need a tent to last for decades.