TensionTent for Weddings In Salt Lake City, UTAH

Recently Armbruster installed our premium tent for a customer in Salt Lake City, Utah at the Western Garden Center. The customer needed a tent for Weddings, parties and specials events – however they wanted to be installed year round and be able to take high winds and snow, but have a distinct look to set them apart from other wedding venues in the area. The solution: the snow rated TensionTent from Armbruster!
The TensionTent is available in 36ft, 48ft, 72ft, and 112ft widths. Rated for 25 psf (120mph wind rating) this unique design best handles snow loads, rain and high winds. The key benefit is that it is also easy to install with no guy ropes, no internal complex framing, and no required machinery for install. Designed with modular sections, it assembles easily and installs in less time than conventional pole tents or clearspan tents. The result is an elegant cathedral style tent that is unique and offers a one of kind setting for the finest weddings, parties and special events.
The TensionTent is easily modified for heating and cooling, lighting, fan brackets, ect. At this location the customer used lights used in the pool lighting applications and had them embedded in the floor pointing straight up to light the interior.
At Armbruster we have been building and installing the strongest and longest lasting tents in the industry since 1875. Contact us today for more information at www.armbrustertentmaker.com and 800-637-4326, armbruster@springnet1.com.
For more photos of TensionTents in action go to www.flickr.com and find our showroom at “Armbruster Tentmaker“.