Armbruster WWII Shelter Halves

During WWII Armbruster Manufacturing Company made tens of thousands of WWII canvas shelter halves to support the war effort. Many of these are still in existence today and can be found on ebay for around $100 each. We have a few remaining original 1942 dated shelter halves which show the OD#3 colored canvas used during the war. The War Department at the time shipped the canvas, grommets, thread, and rope to tent suppliers like ourselves and we manufactured the tents to specifications provided. Government inspectors would often visit and walk through our plants to inspect outgoing shipments to the Quartermaster Depots. Photo inside an Armbruster plant sewing up tents for the War effort circa 1943.

Collection of original Armbruster WWII shelter halves in our Factory archives shown in today’s plant.

Wartime stamps dating 1942, the R.H. Armbruster company

Correct OD#3 Shading

Union Special sewing machine used during the WWII to sew together tents.

Armbruster manufactured many styles and variations of tents during WWII. Today Armbruster is reproducing the larger WWII Canvas tents on many of the same machines that were used in the 1940s. Our attention to detail and quality workmanship is poured into each newly manufactured WWII specification tent so you receive a tent just like the models we produced during WWII. Armbruster WWII tents pull out properly when tensioned, are stitched with double needle machines, are made with correct cotton duck canvas, FMWR treated and most importantly – they don’t leak!

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