Our mission since our inception in 1875 is to produce the finest, most durable, and attractive tents, awnings, and fabric structures on the market. More than 140 years of engineering and expertise go into every product we design and manufacture. From the classic look and quality of the Armbruster PoleTent, to the durable Celebration, to the elegant lines of the EuroTent, to the modern design of the Armbruster TensionTent, to our custom fabric structures and awnings, we have you covered.



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Armbruster Manufacturing is proud to be America’s oldest family-owned tent maker. Four generations of experience, craftsmanship and service go into each and every tent that we design and manufacture. Our founding principals and dedication to quality have allowed us to maintain our status as the finest pole- and frame-supported custom tent maker in the world. Our willingness to listen to our customers and evolve with an ever-changing market, allows us to continue to grow as a company.


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Latest News

  • 26 Sep Elegant Outdoor Wedding Held in EuroTent

    Armbruster is pleased to be the premiere tent renter for the Central Illinois region.  Our tents have served as the venue for outdoor weddings, corporate events, children's birthday parties and much, much more. One of our rental customers recently shared photos of their beautiful wedding reception set-up.  This customer selected a EuroTent for their affair.  The EuroTent's elegant lines and peaked top were the perfect compliment to this rustic and elegant outdoor wedding....

  • Interior shot of custom cover created to protect an ADA accessible ramp and elevator system on a home in Chicago.

    23 Sep Custom Canopy to Cover a Residential ADA Ramp

    Armbruster specializes in creating custom tents and canopies for a variety of uses around the country and around the world.  Recently, we were approached by a family in the Chicago area.  They had constructed an ADA ramp and elevator system for their home.  They were looking for a custom cover to cover the heavy-duty frame they had created....

  • PoleTent, 90 Foot, Bail Ring Design, AerialView

    21 Aug New Twitter Account for Armbruster Manufacturing

    We have recently updated and created a new Twitter account.  Please follow us @armbrustertent for what’s trending with our company. We hope to see you there!...

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