Armbruster Manufacturing's former downtown Springfield building. This factory was our main headquarters until we moved South of Springfield in the late 70s.

America’s Oldest Tentmaker since 1875

Armbruster Manufacturing has been building tents in American since 1875. We have manufactured tents in the heart of Springfield from our beginnings until the plant was moved south of Springfield in the late 1970s. Armbruster is proud to be America's oldest, family-owned tentmaker.  We retain our generations of experience and continue to build the finest tents out of the finest materials at hand. Our employees are true craftsmen who build tents that last for decades....

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Large Wall Tent, World War II (WWII)

Going Green With Armbruster Tents

Armbruster Manufacturer strives to run a "green" manufacturing processes that is sustainable, reducing the environmental impact as much as possible.  We create many of our products from environmentally-friendly materials and try to reuse, reduce and recycle whenever possible....

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