Vitabri Pop-Up Canopy United States Air Force

The Versatile Vitabri™ Pop-Up Canopy

Armbruster Manufacturing Company has partnered with French tent manufacturer, Vitabri™, to bring a reusable, structurally sound canopy to the market. The Vitabri canopy is suitable for all occasions and comes in several models.

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The pop-up canopy featured above was created for Edwards Air Force Base.

Vitabri Pop-up Canopy Concession Stand

Example of a Vitabri pop-up canopy with graphics used for a concession stand.

Vitabri Pop-Up Canopy Christ the King

Example of a Vitabri canopy used for a local parochial school.

Vitabri Pop-Up Canopy - White

Example of a plain, white pop-up canopy by Vitabri.