World War One Tents from Armbruster

1916 Quartermaster Manual Vol 2
1916 Quartermaster Manual Vol 2
1916 Quartermaster Manual Vol 2
1916 Quartermaster Manual Vol 2
1916 Quarter Master Manual Vol 2
WWI Pyramidal Tents
Original 1916 Tent on Loan to Armbruster for Reference, New production model below.

Corner Details just like original, hand sewn.

Split corners with original period zinc grommets

Stove pipe opening top with original hardware!

Spacious interior


Installed inside our plant for testing


Ever put up a pyramidal indoors?
1916 Small Wall Tent
WWI Small Fly
WWI US Small Wall Tent

Austro-Hungarian Kuk Tent from original photo collection

Armbruster reproduced this Kuk tent from the photo

Recreation of a WWI Austro-Hungarian field tent



Example of a WWI British Bell Tents reproduced for the ANZAC GIRLS Australian TV Series

WWI Medical Fly

French Squad Tent



Italian WWI Tent






Armbruster is now introducing our line of WWI era canvas tents. These tents are made from original drawings and sketches in our files and details provided in the 1916 Quartermaster Manual Volume 2.
Armbruster had been making tents since 1875 and during WWI we manufactured tens of thousands of these tents for the US Government and the Red Cross. We make these tents with period cotton canvas in shades of Khaki, off white natural, or bright white just like the originals. Period slides are included, with manila rope, brass grommets, stove pipe openings, period wooden poles and stakes. We can customize to fit you needs. These are new production models of the original tents, not “reproductions”. These are not meant to be used just one time for movie props. We build these to last just like the originals 100 years ago.
Models Include:
  • World War I Small Wall Tent
  • World War I Small Wall Fly
  • World War I Large Wall Tent
  • World War I Large Wall Fly
  • 1916 Pyramidal Tent
  • 1916 General Assembly Tent
  • 1916 Storage Tent
  • 1916 Hospital Tent
  • German Wall Tents
  • British WWI Bell Tents
  • Austro-Hungarian tents
  • Italian Tents
  • French Cone Tents
  • Medical Flys
  • British Medical Tents
  • German Medical Tents
  • French WWI Tents
Custom models we build are supply tents, sibley and bell tents, period French Tents, German and Austro-Hungarian wall and messing tents. We are constantly researching different historical military tents and adding this information to our archives. More about Armbruster at and find us on Facebook too!
Contact us today for a quote on the period tent you are looking for: or 800-637-4326