World War I British Bell Tents for the ANZAC GIRLS Australian TV Series

   ANZAC Girls Movie Trailer:                              

                                           Cairo Camp in the ANZAC Girls Series

                                           Cairo Camp

                                             Armbruster Bell Tents

                                           Armbruster Bell Tents in Cairo Camp

                                           Great Night Shot of Cairo Camp

                                             Lemnos Nurses in the open

                                            Armbruster tents in the back.

                                           Great shot of ANZACS with tents in back

                                           Nothing like a VD class in theater!

                                           Armbruster Bell Tents to the left

                                            Fantastic Interior Shot of Armbruster Bell Tent

                                          Great exterior shot detail

                                           Nice shot on Lemnos

                                            Great Night shots

                                            Lemnos Night Shot

                                            Camp 1 in France

                                           Camp 1 in France

                                             Great night shot Armbruster Bell Tent

                                           Very First ANZAC Day, Armbruster Tents in back

                                          WWI Bell Tent from Armbruster

                                          One of Three vents

                                          Inside view with vents

                                          All natural materials

                                          Sleeps 8-9 persons

                                          Outside view of ANZAC GIRLS Bell Tent

                                           Original photo with Bell tent in rear

                                          Period photo of Bell Tents


Armbruster Tentmaker was chosen to be the tent supplier for the Australian TV series ANZAC GIRLS.  This series will tell the proud story of the ANZAC nurses who cared for the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who fought from Gallipoli to the Western Front in France during the Great War.

More on the series:

Armbruster, who had a long history of making military tents was chosen to recreate British Commonwealth Bell tents from this series.  Details were provided from an original sample at the Australian War Museum and Armbruster reproduced this tent form this information.  Over 16 of these tents were produced for this series which begins filming in July 2013 in Australia.  Made with natural 11 oz natural Cotton Army duck, with all natural cotton thread, cotton tape, natural cotton rope for door closures, period brass grommets, wall ties for ventilation, reinforcement patch at top for pole, these tents are as authentic as you can get.

Armbruster produced tens of thousands of canvas tents in support of World War I.  With the centennial of World War I upon us in 2014, we are proud to produce these tents again 100 years later.  Armbruster manufacturers a whole line of historical tents for living history, film productions, museum recreations, or any type of venue wanting to create a historical ambiance.

Armbruster was also the supplier of the tents for the recently released The Lone Ranger Movie.  Armbruster recreated all the historical tents for the encampments used throughout the movie.

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