World War One Pyramidal Tent from Armbruster

Armbruster Tentmaker is proud to be the only supplier of the the 1916 U.S. Pyramidal tent, as well as many other World War One tent models.  Armbruster now reproduces these tents to original specifications just like Armbruster hand crafted these tents 100 years ago.  New made in our plant in Springfield Illinois these tents are all the rage with the centennial of World War One upon us.  Featured above is a 1916 Pyramidal made for the USMC Parris Island Museum living history detachment displayed at the Midway Village Great War Event in Rockford, Illinois.  
Armbruster manufacturers an entire line of period canvas tents which span from the Civil War through WWII and the Korean War.  Based on original drawings in our archives Armbruster is proud to recreate these historical tents.  Armbruster was recently chosen as the tent supplier for The Lone Ranger movie, and the 3 part series ANZAC Girls.  Armbruster recreated historical canvas tents for both these productions.
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