1890s Circus Tent for Whidbey Island Shakespeare Festival

Armbruster Selected to build 1890s Circus Tent for the Whidbey Island Shakespeare Festival.  Below is a summary of the project.  This was the most beautiful hand made historic tent Armbruster has ever made.  Done in the style of tents of long ago, these is one unique tent unmatched in quality and authentic materials.
Announcement of the tent project:

                                           Armbruster Tent right out of 1890s Catalog

                                          Celebrating after tent installation first time!

                                          Actors and performers who installed the the Tent!

1890s Period Canvas Circus Style Tent from Armbruster

                                                Armbruster turn of the century Catalog

Armbruster Manufacturing Company establish in 1875 was recently selected to build a period canvas Circus style tent for the Whidbey Island Shakespeare Festival, on Whidbey Island, Washington.  The festival begins summer of 2013.

Armbruster was selected because of our long history in making tents, and our experience in reproducing historical tents.   We have all our records and manuals on the long range of tents made from the 1880s to the present.  Many customers now are contacting Armbruster to reproduce these same tents our of our oringal catalogs.   Recently Armbruster produced the tents for the remake of The Lone Ranger.  Armbruster also reproduces an entire line of historical military tents made to the same specifications as the original war time contracts

                                                    Hand sewn leather details

                                            Finishing each pole hole by hand.

                                            Period 1890s stencils.

                                            Splicing manila rope onto tent.

                                           Final push in production.

                                            Production team who worked on the tent!

                                           Final stages.

                                           Hand sewn details.

This Circus style tent was made in the period style incorporating all the period features of canvas tents from that era.  Some original 1890s hardware will be used in the construction of the tent.  We are proud to recreate these historical tents from our past era.  Made with the same craftsmanship as the originals, passed down through generations of Armbruster master tent makers.

Strong, hand made tents, since 1875.  4th Generation family business proud to be made in america.

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