Bedouin tent, Santa Barbara, California

Bedouin Tent from Armbruster

Armbruster recently had a unique request to replicate a Bedouin Tent for a customer in Santa Barbara, California.  The tent was created to provide a shaded view of the ocean from their property.  The customer requested a design that followed the original design of Bedouin tents from North Africa.  Armbruster worked closely to follow each detail, reviewing historical and current imagery of Bedouin tents.  The tent was made from period canvas.  In addition, the tent had canvas reinforcing bands sewn into the top, custom tie downs to match original designs, and used all natural thread and rope.  One side of the tent was raised higher for better viewing of the ocean.  The tent included walls to close the tent in at night for a “glamping”-type, camping experience.  Truly a unique tent that Armbruster was proud to reproduce.  Armbruster reproduces many historical tents from all eras and nations.   Learn more about our custom fabrications or contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project with you.