Fabric Enclosure for Space Capsule Supplier

Armbruster was contracted to design and fabricate an large custom enclosure to solve a critical problem for ATK Mission Systems, a supplier of space capsules.

Problem: Particles and dust from a routing machine which cuts the through hulls for space capsule modules was getting outside the containment box and potentially contaminating the rest of the facility.
Solution: Encapsulate the entire box with a frame and fabric enclosure to contain the dust.
Challenges: Frame and cover needed to be 32ft wide x 50ft tall x 96ft long. Cover also had to be removable quickly and separate in the middle. This would allow for inserting large capsules through the top of the box if needed as well as the end.
End product was a enclosure that Armbruster worked closely with on site engineers to design that best fit their needs. Armbruster used premium Ferrari coated fabrics for the cover that suspended on rolling tracks. The cover suspended under a custom frame on these track systems that allowed the cover to be opened and closed easily.
A truly custom project built on a tight production schedule to fit the customers space capsule delivery time tables.
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