EuroTent, Indiana, Used as Concert Venue, 2010

Try a Party Tent as a Building Extension

Do you need to add space to your existing venue but don’t have a budget for the construction or other costs associated with a permanent building extension?  Would you like to be able to host larger events at your event space but are constricted by the square footage of your current venue?  Consider a heavy duty, elegant, Armbruster Tent as an extension to your venue. Armbruster tents are built strong and will last for decades.  An added bonus, using a tent instead of a brick and mortar extension, is a tax-free option to expand your event space.  Our EuroTent and TensionTent are some of the most popular for semi-permanent installations.

For example, Armbruster installed a large EuroTent for one of our customers in Indiana.  They were holding a rock concert at their venue.  They wanted to ensure that they could host the large audience in attendance, as well as have enough space for the stage, sound equipment and backstage area as well.  They decided on a large Armbruster EuroTent.

Armbruster installed an elegant and snow-rated TensionTent as a semi-permanent event space for the Western Garden Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. They wanted a tent that was large enough to host weddings and other special events, a tent that had a distinct look, and, most importantly, a tent that could be installed year-round and withstand the wind and snow of the area.

TensionTent, aerial view, Salt Lake City, Utah, Western Garden Center

An Armbruster EuroTent was used for a Marriott hotel in Chicago as additional banquet hall space.  The tent offered a space for larger banquets and could withstand Chicago weather.

EuroTent 60'x200' Marriott, Chicago, Illinois, Interior Decorated, c. 2002

The Armbruster PoleTent and Celebration Frame Tents are also excellent and less expensive options for additional space. Celebration Frame Tents make great connecting canopies or work well as separate areas for bathrooms or caterers.

Celebration Frame Tent

For more information about how we can help you expand the usage of your space and provide an elegant, unique space for your guests, please contact us today!  Our experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your venue.