Armbruster Weathers the Recession

Being a family owned business since 1875, Armbruster has learned business principles the old fashioned way – through trial and error. These lessons have been passed down through four generations of Armbruster’s and have become our business model. This model has helped us weather many a recession and keep our customers faithful to our product.

Prior to 9/11 the economy was going into a dip, and after the attack many hard decisions were made by Bernard Armbruster to refocus the company back to the same principals that made Armbruster survive the great depression, which his father Walter Armbruster experienced. Walter learned his skills from his father Rudolf Armbruster, who started the company and established the core principles in 1875. These principles remain if effect and ensure the company was not greatly affected by the current recession.

Carlos Ghosn used these same principles to turn Nissan around years before this current recession. We have modified his plan for Nissan to fit what we were already doing at Armbruster:

1) No customer, relationship, product, or person is sacred.

2) No sweetheart discounts to “old customers”.

3) Make fewer, better products.

4) Listen to suggestions from all, incorporate fresh ideas.

5) Make final decisions only after the decision making process is used.

6) We are nothing without profit. There is profit in each and every product we sell.

7) Cut the fat, keep the muscle.

8) Change in a company takes at least 2 years. Accept it and plan for it.

9) We are not in the business to build tents just to keep people busy, build what sells.

Whether running a tent rental business, or any business in general, if you focus on these key ideas you business will run fine. It’s amazing how these principles were not used with the US Car Companies who now are so much in trouble.

I thank my forefathers, and especially my Father, Bernard Armbruster, for giving me the insight to manage a great company with great workers. The success of our company hinges on the wonderful staff of employees who have dedicated their lives to making great tents.

Bernard Hellar Armbruster
Armbruster Manufacturing Company