Custom Tents from Armbruster

Need a custom tent designed to fit your application? We can fabricate just about anything you are looking for for both permanent and temporary applications. With over 133 years of fabrication and installation experience, we have been creating solutions with fabric and framework since 1875.  Check out some products below or view more custom projects on our Custom Products page.  To discuss your custom fabrication needs and to learn more, please Contact Us.

Air Caddy Display Tent for

Armbruster Manufacturing was approached by a company that specialized in shipping bikes to Europe.  They had a specially designed shipping container that they wanted to showcase at an upcoming convention.  To achieve this, Armbruster created a convention display tent that was modeled after the company’s unique shipping containers.  It also included custom graphics to showcase the company’s branding.

This concession tent was designed for a vendor with the Illinois State Fair.  The vendor needed to hold shelving and wanted a working door on the tent.  To accomplish this, Armbruster created a structure with rigid frame sides that were strong enough to hold the shelving and products for the vendor.

Concession Tent for Illinois State Fair with rigid frame sides
Manufacturing Inspection Tent/Custom Dark Room to Inspect Turbine Blades

Armbruster has also been tasked in creating solutions for manufacturing processes.  For example, Armbruster was asked by a manufacturer of turbine blades to create a product inspection tent.  The blades needed to be inspected using a black light.  Armbruster created this “black room” tent that allowed the inspectors to safely and effectively complete this task.

This concession tent was created for a caramel corn vendor.  The vendor wanted a custom valance around the top to provide a fun look for their business that would showcase it from other vendors.  Another custom feature was a special vent that was created at the top of this tent.  This vented the steam that was created during caramel corn making.

Concession Tent for Popcorn Vendor
Bunk Tent for RawHyde Adventures in Mojave Desert

Armbruster was approached by a motorcycle adventure tour company on the west coast.  They host off-road tours, adventure rallies, and expeditions down the Baja Peninsula.  In addition they host a motorcycle riding adventure training camp.  Armbruster created this “bunk tent” that was used as sleeping quarters during the adventure training program.