Introduction to Our Contract Production Division

Our Contract Production Division would appreciate the opportunity to bid any Industrial Fabric requirements you may have. The following are a few of the products we manufacture under license:

Greenhouse Covers

Armbrusters manufactures Greenhouse Industry PVC Covers as an alternative to glass or fiberglass roof systems. The fabrics used are translucent and inherently flame retardant.

Wall-Military-Emergency Shelters

Armbruster contracts these multi-purpose platform and wall tents for prison systems, military installations, campgrounds, or disaster relief. TemperTentĀ® and other top quality fabrics are used with options available for stove pipe openings, mesh windows/doors, flies, floors, or insulation. Standard sizes available and in stock are 14’x14′, 14’x19′, and 19×32′.

Contract Sewing

Our Contract Sewing – RF Welding Division is capable of small projects as well as high volume production including a variety of industrial fabric applications. We can manufacture custom designed products as well as standard production run items. Please submit drawings, samples, or pictures of requirements for pricing.

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