Circus Tent, AerialView, Blue and Yellow

Circus Tents from Armbruster Tentmaker

Armbruster Tentmaker has been designing and building circus tents since the 1890s. We offer both classic designs based on those original tents and more modern circus and theatrical tents. We custom build our circus tents to your specifications....

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1890s Circus Tent for Whidbey Island Shakespeare Festival

Armbruster Selected to build 1890s Circus Tent for the Whidbey Island Shakespeare Festival.  Below is a summary of the project.  This was the most beautiful hand made historic tent Armbruster has ever made.  Done in the style of tents of long ago, these is one unique tent unmatched in quality and authentic materials.Announcement of the tent project:                                           Armbruster Tent right out of 1890s Catalog                                          Celebrating after tent installation first time!                                         ...

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Circus Tents from Armbruster

Recently Armbruster was awarded the contract to build a one of a kind Circus Tent for the Midnight Circus who performs in Chicago, Illinois. Armbruster worked close at hand with the Midnight Circus designing an elegant, long lasting, unique Circus Tent for their acts. The Chicago Park District then ordered their tent to be used for year round shows in parks around the City.Armbruster has an interesting History with Circus tents, since that's how Armbruster got into the tent making business. We started in 1875 manufacturing Wagon covers, tarpalins, canvas pillows, and awnings. Around 1890 a circus came to Springfield, IL and needed a new circus tent made. Armbruster then built them a Circus tent which entered us into the tent making business. ...

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