Sale on Armbruster Used Tents

Armbruster Manufacturing has a selection of used and new tents and accessories for sale.  Please contact us at 800-637-4326 or you can email us at any time for more information.

LIKE NEW 24′ x 40′ x 8′ high Frame Tent with sliding opening 24′ ends, zipper access on each side – $7000

Frame Tent, Small
NEW 8′ x 8′ Frame Tent, Beige – $600
NEW 10′ x 10′ Frame Tents, White – $900 each
Storage Tent, Green

NEW 19′ x 32′ Storage Tent – $2240 each One Left!

Pole Tent, Exterior, with Side Curtains

USED 30′ x 75′ PoleTent includes poles and stakes$5500

Euro Tent, Installed Downtown Springfield

USED 40′ x 100′ EuroTents with poles and stakes – starting at $9500 

Pole Tent, Orange Trim
USED 60′ x 90′ PoleTent includes 7′ wood side poles, aluminum center poles, and quarter poles – $8000
7′ high sidewalls – $1200
Valance is orange outside, green inside double valance.  Does not include hoods in photo.
Side Curtains with Windows, Red, Barn

Many like new drop curtains in stock.  Call for availability.

Also available 40′ x 60′ Pavilion Curtains 8′ High, dark blue, with windows – $4000