Elegant Weddings with the EuroTent!

The EuroTent from Armbruster is the perfect Large Party Tent for the most Elegant Weddings. Strong, elegant, long lasting – the EuroTent is the finest single peaked and twin peaked designed tent of its kind. Built to last for decades, the Armbruster Party Tents are built to last for decades. Easy to install, choose from our traditional PoleTent, or the elegant EuroTent, or our top of the line striking TensionTent.

What makes Armbruster different:  We believe in engineered tents fabricated with techniques no other manufacture can match.  We do not stitch through membrane of our tents which means you received of tent that is the most water resistant in its category, with no stitching that will rot and fail over time.  The entire membrane is RF welded (heat sealed) together.  This results in a stronger longer lasting tent.  Engineered for 90 mph wind rating, 70 mph sustained winds.

Our EuroTent is our most popular wedding tent. Made from heavy duty long lasting 17 oz and 23 oz fabrics, stainless steel plates and hardware, anodized aluminum polework, 2″ heavy duty guy straps, heavy duty stake plates – the EuroTent is the perfect tent for the upscale events, weddings, parties, celebrations. Easy tent to install in all sizes with no mechanization needed for raising the tent. Standard height is 8ft, but other side height and wall options available. Contact us today for more information and pricing. We have many sizes in stock on sale.

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