Armbruster Party Tents take the storms in Australia

Blue Lake Hire’s Armbruster 40ft PoleTent Party Tent
Shown with Cathedral Windows at 6’8″ spacing
With optional interior liner to add elegance
Blue Lake Hire in Naracoorte, Australia gave us some great recent feedback on our PoleTent design. The owner, Jack Jamieson, said:

All is good here.
We have more structure marquees now but many of our customers (and us) still prefer the Rope & Pole and I have to say we haven’t seen any as good as yours.
Ours is looking tired now but it has had a great deal of use.
I remember standing next to it a couple of years ago in gale force winds gusting to 105km/Hr, wondering where we would pick up but it stood its ground with the only damage being a broken corner side pole (wooden). That was amazing.

I saw that you had some very cold weather there recently.
I hope it wasn’t too bad for you.
We have had crazy weather all over Australia in the last month.
But apart from the rain and floods we didn’t get the bad winds so we faired ok.

Best Regards

Armbruster Party tents are renown all of the world. What makes our tents different from the competition:
  • We used heavier fabrics in our PoleTents, EuroTents, and TensionTents, and Opaque fabrics with 17 oz weight and our top of the line 23 oz Coated Vinyls. Certified and flame resistant.
  • We use stainless steel plates throughout the tent so you get a stronger tent with no rusting (competition uses aluminum which is not as strong). Marine Grade hardware throughout the tent, with stainless steel grommets set with hydraulic presses.
  • We use vinyl coated aircraft cable instead of rope for wall cords. Rope stretches and breaks.
  • We used double overlapping rainflaps for maximum weather protection.
  • We build out tents with dacron reinforced 2″ webbing throughout and use only the best construction techniques throughout the construction of the tent. No other manufacturer reinforces the connection points and rim of our tents like we do. It takes time and extra materials to make a quality tent.
  • Cables and Ridges are reinforced with stainless steel 3/4″ cable, covered in vinyl.
  • Tents included heavy duty 2″ ratchets, 4″ OD aluminum center poles, aluminum side poles with 42″ steel stakes. We ship the tent with the stake package that meets the engineering unlike other manufactures.
  • We provide Engineering (90 mph 3 second exposure, 70 mph sustained) and flame certificates with each tent. Our TensionTent is a 120 mph system (25psf), no other manufacturer can match this.
  • Our customers usually get 25-35 years out of our PoleTents, EuroTents, and TensionTents. Absolutely the best return on your investment.
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