Why Choose Heavy Duty Party Tents?

When choosing a tent company for party tents you can always find a cheaper supplier, but with tents you get what you pay for. There are key things you need to look for when making a long term party tent purchase. Not only for safety of the tent in inclement weather, but longevity of you investment, our best return on you investment (ROI). When comparing Armbruster to the competition here are some things to consider for pole supported or frame supported tents:

  • We used heavier UV resistant fabrics, and Opaque fabrics with 17 oz – 23 oz weights, this means long lasting strong tents.
  • Opaque fabrics mean no light passes through so it remains cooler underneath.
  • We use stainless steel plates vs. aluminum throughout the tent so you get a stronger tent with no rusting that shows up on the fabric.
  • We use vinyl coated aircraft cable instead of rope for wall cords, rope breaks over time.
  • We used double overlapping rainflaps when tent sections come together, to minimize leaking
  • We build out tents with dacron reinforced 2″ webbing throughout and use only the best construction techniques throughout the manufacturing of the tent.
  • Cables and Ridges are reinforced with stainless steel 3/4″ cable
  • Pole supported Tents included heavy duty 2″ ratchets, 4″ OD aluminum center poles, and choice of wood or aluminum side poles with 42″ steel stakes.
  • We provide Engineering and flame certificates with each tent, a lot of companies don’t do this (90 mph 3 second exposure, 70 mph sustained). 120 mph wind rating on our TensionTent.
  • Our customers usually get 25-35 years out of our PoleTents, EuroTents, and TensionTents. Our Celebration frame tents last up to 20 years or more. Our competition is tje best seller of our products, they claim Armbruster tents are “heavy” and expensive, well heavy tents mean better components, and better components mean a more expensive initial investment, but a tent that will pay for itself year after year. We like to sleep on the weekends when the wind blows and our tents are standing all over the world enduring the elements.
  • We offer a trade in policy on all of our products.
  • We offer great start up discount packages for new rental companies buying tents for the first time.
  • We you contact Armbruster, a family owned business, you reach the key management and sales staff immediately, and can always talk to a family member who will address your needs immediately. If problems arise, we can offer quick solutions and rapid turn around times vs. a company with field sales reps, or large office staff.

Contact sales@armbrustertentmaker.com a rapid quote on anything you need.