EuroTent in Phnom, Penh, Cambodia

Here is an example of a 50ft x 50ft Armbruster EuroTent installed at the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The Embassy was looking for a extremely weather resistant tent that can be easily installed on preset footings inside the courtyard for special events.

The Solution: The Armbruster 50×50 EuroTent is the premier tension tent of it’s kind. Single pole design with coated 22oz vinyl, stainless steel hardware, and no exposed stitching or webbing in the design. This leads to a stronger, longer lasting, weather resistant tent which won’t rust or stain over time like tents with exposed webbing and non stainless steel hardware.
The customer installed preset anchors inside the courtyard so the tent can be installed for special events and when removed the anchors are subset and covered in the courtyard. For monsoon season the customer connects the EuroTent to the building with custom Celebraton walkway canopies which bring the guests right into the Eurotent without getting wet.
The Armbruster EuroTent is the ultimate solution for high quality long lasting party tents. Engineered and long lasting, Armbruster is the answer to your tent needs.
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