Custom Fabric Enclosures from Armbruster

Welding Enclosures

Stand Alone Welding Enclosure
Work Booth dividers for welding
Working Habitat structure on barge Decks to weld fixtures

Custom Dark Room to inspect Turbine Blades

Sand Blasting Dust Enclosure around machinery

Custom enclosure for sand blasting and containing dust with access panel
Armbruster just doesn’t fabricate party tents. Armbruster Manfucturing can custom fabricate any type of enclosure for indoor our outdoor use. We have made many types of structures used for sand blasting tents, dust collection enclosure, inspections, dark rooms, welding enclosures, environmental work areas, etc.
Each is manufactured with a heavy duty aluminum frame with zinc coated steel fittings from a variety of fabrics. Fabric weights range from 14 oz to 23 oz coated vinyls, flame and mildew resistant. We can make them translucent to allow light to come in, or completely blacked out for inspection purposes. We can drop ship the structure right to you facility with easy installation instructions.
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