Armbruster displays WWII Tents at Rockford WWII Days

Small Wall Tent
Front Side 1942 Command Tent
Small Wall Tent, with Small Fly up front
Wall Tent Small, OD3 with Small Fly, OD7
Wall Tent Large with ends rolled up for ventilation
Wall Tent, Small
1942 Command Tent
1942 Command Tent

Armbruster Tentmaker displayed World War II Canvas tents during the Rockford World War II Event September 23-26 in Midway Village, Rockford, Illinois. The 10th Mountain Division, 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment (Reenacted) displayed the latest models of World War II specification tents in their camp. Tents displayed this year were the 1942 Command Tent, Wall Tent, Small and Wall Tent, Large as well as a Small Fly. The tents weathered a large storm the first night and didn’t leak a bit.
The 1942 Command Tent was a huge hit. Spacious interior with room enough for two cots, two desks and trunks. Windows rolled up for ventilation.
Armbruster manufactured these tents during World War II and now offers them again built to the same specification as we did during World War II. For more information checkout or contact us at