Need a Banquet Hall?

Do you own a bed and breakfast, hotel, golf course, or club and need a space for special events but don’t want increase your property taxes? Try a tent!

A party tent is a great option for additional space for special events, which creates the perfect venue for long lasting memories with an elegant setting. When comparing to construction of a building or adding space to a current structure, tents usually come in at 1/3 the cost. There is no limit to the decorating options you can do under the tent. For flooring options you can build a wooden deck, put down mulch, pour a blacktop or concrete pad, or just use on grass. Most of our customers install in early Spring and take down in the Fall and rent the tent out all summer for all kinds of special events. There are lighting and fan options, hard french window door options, cathedral, mesh or all season window options, heating and cooling options, and more. Add plants and water fountain for a unique look. Party tents from Armbruster are the answer.

Choose 17 oz laminate fabric, or our 23 oz heavy duty coated vinyl options for longevity. Popular tents that are commonly used our our PoleTents or EuroTents in 40×60,40×80, or 40×100 options. 50×80 EuroTents are popular because there are only two interior center poles. Take a look at our one of kind TensionTent. This tent is the original TensionTent first introduced in 1990, with a strong unique design, and no ties downs to contend with. You can put in permanent footings or go with the anchoring package that comes with the tent. Tents Make Sense!