1934 Pyramidal Tent from Armbruster

Armbruster now offers the 1934 Pyramidal tent just like we did during WWII. During WWII these tents were classified as Tent, Fire-Resistant, Pyramidal, M-1934, Olive Drab, Stock No. 24-T-320. We now produce these in our factory on many of the same machines that were used during that time period. Armbruster tents are the most authentic WWII reproduction tents you can buy. Quality made tents perfect for museums, movie productions, living history displays, and military vehicle collectors. Armbruster has been manufacturing tents since 1875, and takes great pride in being able to offer these authentic WWII tents again for enthusiasts. American made by the same company who made these during WWII. Armbruster Tents for U.S. Defense!
Introduced in 1934 for quartering of personnel, the maximum capacity of the tent is eight when the tent stove is not used. The tent is 16ft long and 11 feet high. Floor space is 256 square feet. Tent top, side walls and all reinforcements are made of identical olive-drab duck. Ventilation is via the center pole which has an adjustable hood.
Armbruster sells these tents with and without the wooden pole and stake kit.
Download our pricing at www.armbrustertentmaker.com. You can also contact us at sales@amrbrustertentmaker.com or 800-637-4326 in the USA.