EuroTent for Weddings and Specials Events

Buenavista Farms in Chapin, IL recently installed an Armbruster 60×70 EuroTent for weddings and specials events. The also installed one of the Armbruster Celebration 10×10 frame tents as an entrance canopy. Because of the exposed area, Bueanvista Farms chose the Armbruster EuroTent because of the strength of this tent. The EuroTent is the best option for areas with exposure to high winds and rain. Cathedral window sides are rolled up inside and can be dropped quickly in case of rainy weather.
The EuroTent is an excellent option for Weddings, Specials Events, Retirement ceremonies, concerts, and many other venues. Made from 23 oz coated vinyls, the EuroTent is strong, long lasting, and elegant. The heavier coated vinyl is not only strong, but easier to clean and maintain over time. The EuroTent is the best return on investment when it comes to tents. Because of the construction techniques this tent will last for decades.
For more information contact 1-800-637-4326.