Disaster Tents for Haiti


Armbruster 10×10 Disaster Relief Tent also available as 15′ x 15′ or 4m x 4m

Armbruster Tent Maker® provides high quality and rugged Disaster
Relief – Emergency Shelter Tents that are simple to install. Features
include (2) Exits, Roll-up Sides, and Storage Bags.

Size: 4 meter x 4 meter
Color: Opaque White
Fabric: HDPE Vinyl 150-180 GSM for Floor and Roof, Olefin breathable fabric for sides
Poles: (2) 2.0M(4) .7M

Stakes: (10) Steel Stakes
Unit Price: $482.00 (1-1000 Quantity)
$435.00 (1000-7000 Quantity)

$385.00(7000 or more)
Weight: 50 lbs. (Tent only)
110 lbs. (Tent with Poles & Stakes)

19×32 Disaster Relief Tents on hand $2240.00 each – Hosiptal Ward, Group housing, Command Center, storage of supplies, ect.

15′ x 15′ (4m x 4m) Disaster Relief Frame Tents – Please inquire

Armbruster Disaster Relief Tents 4 Meter x 4 meter, 10′ x 10′ and 15′ x 15′- Perfect Disaster Relief tent that fits up to 4 cots, or one family. Room to stand, great ventilation, roll-up sides for cross flow of air. Flame retardant fabric options and safe and designed to be used for decades and not short durations (like camping polyester tents). Completely waterproof with no sewn seams. Rf welded vinyl membrane which prevents any leakage of water through the seams. Heavy duty poles and stakes. Polyester heavy duty rope tie downs. Available with vinyl floor that can be removed and cleaned. Great Disaster Relief tent for families. Built to last strong winds and Hurricane force winds. Better usage of space, more comfortable living arrangement than a dome camping tent. Time tested design that has been around for centuries. UV resistant vinyl. Mesh vinyl opening for ventilation.

15′ x 15′ Disaster Relief tents and larger 19’x32′ Disaster Tents available and in stock. Perfect for storage of supplies within a tent city, hosptial ward, meeting location, command center, ect. American made by a company who has been making tents 1875, Armbruster Manufacturing Company.

Whether large or small, Armbruster Manufacturing has a variety of Disaster Relief Tents on hand for any type of emergency, especially for the tragic earthquake in Haiti. We can ship immediately tents to be used for housing victims in Tent Cities, housing support staff, and covering and storing food and supplies. We also custom manufacture tents to fit any need. Our production can be ramped up immediately to produce tents weekly.

Examples of Custom Made Emergency Relief Tents