WWII Canvas 1934 Pyramidal Tents from the Tri-State Living History Association

Recently the Tri-State Living History Association was generous enough to loan two original WWII canvas 1934 Pyramidal Tents for Armbruster to reference. Armbruster is now building these tents again just like we did during the 1940s. Eric “Tab” Taubery, the President of the Tri-State Living History Association contacted us to donate the use of his organization’s two tents to referene in the construction of our “new” made versions.
We are now comparing these tents against our original construction files to ensure our versions we manufacture now match the originals. The shape of these two original tents is amazing. Both built in 1940, these tents are 70 years old and still going! One is an early war USMC khaki version, and the other is a mid war Army contract version. Slight variations in each, but all in all both contracts were the same for both services during the war. The tent back on the USMC tent is dated 1931!

Much thanks goes to Eric “Tab” Taubery and his organizations efforts to keep the WWII history alive and authentic. His efforts ensures are files are now exact to the construction of these tents during such a key period of American History.

Armbruster is now providing 1934 Pyramidal Tents, as well as the following tents: Wall Tent Small, Wall Tent Large, 1942 Command Post Tent, and the 1942 Squad Tent for living historians, re-enactors, and others who appreicate the quality and construction of these heavy duty WWII specification tents that covered millions of soldiers, sailors, and airmen during the second world war. Contact us today for pricing. armbruster@springnet1.com 800-637-4326.

For information on the Tri-State Living History Association contact:

Eric Taubery, President