Armbruster builds WWII Canvas Tents

Period rope, slides, OD Tape, OD Canvas, Black Brass Grommets, Original Thread. Details of stove pipe opening above.

Details of Wall overlap with black grommets and rope ties

Large Wall Tent

Large Wall Tent

Small Wall Tent

Small Wall Tent

Original Stencils

Large Wall Tent with Sides Down

Large Wall Tent tested 7-24-09 in storm, didn’t leak a bit!

Interior of Small Wall Tent with 2 Cots. Will fit up to 4 cots.

Small Wall Tent with sides down, didn’t leak at all in downpour!

Large Wall Tent Sides Down

Photo taken during WWII with Armbruster Tents shipping out to the QM Depots

Period correct canvas being sewn with 1940s cotton thread

1928 Grommet machine still in use

Original U.S. Stencil left from WWII to mark the outsides.

Armbruster just recently completed prototypes of 1941 specification wall tents, using original wartime information and details. We built these using machines and equipment from the era. Cotton thread, webbing, bronze slides, and stencil plates actually from WWII were used in their construction. New 14 oz waterproof, flame retardant canvas was used, with period correct brass grommets and rope. Armbruster plans to sell these tents to reenactors, museums, private collectors, and movie production sets. Details of the tents:

Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Small, Olive-Drab, Stock No. 24-T-323 -Introduced for shelter of officers or as storage. Tent measures 8ftx10in wide by 9ft x 2in long x 8ft 6 in high. Stovepipe openings are included on both ends. Sides can be rolled up for ventilation and include ties. Tent can sleep 2-4 comfortably. Contact for pricing.
Tent, Fire-Resistant, Wall, Large, Olive-Drab, Stock No. 24-T-322 – This is the large version of the above tent used as an Officer’s Mess, Office, storage of supplies, or quartering of personnel. It sleeps 8 men withoug a stove, or 6 with a stove installed. Dimensions are 14ft 6inches wide x 15ft 2 1/4 Inches long and 11ft high. Same material as the small wall tent. Sides roll up and are split in corners. Contact for pricing.

Tent, Fire-Resistant, M1934 Pyramidal, Olive-Drab, Stock No. 24-T-322 – This version is the most commonly seen tent in tent cities during the war both stateside and in Europe. 16ft wide x 16ft long x 11ft High. Eight man tent introduced in 1934. Ventilation through hood at the top. Rope, and metal slides, brass grommets. Sides roll up easily.
Tent, Post Command M 1942, Stock No. 24-T-318-33 – Introduced in 1942, this tent was used in Theaters of Operations to provide Office Shelter for Staff Sections of several Command echelons. The Command Post Tent is constructed in such a way that it may be completely blacked out, it may thus be safely used in a combat area without fear of observation. This tent is 7ft wide, 11feet 10.5 inches long, and 7 feet high. Floor space is 84 square feet. This is extension cloth at the rear end wall which makes it possible to combine 2 Command posts Tents when a larger office space is desired.

Delivery for these tents is 6-8 Weeks if not in stock. Each is hand sewn with period machines, every detail is matched of the originals. In addition, key points are reinforced so they last longer than the original ones did.

Armbruster Mfg. Co. has built tents for the U.S. Government and the Red Cross ever since the turn of the century. First government orders began during WWI, then large orders during WWII when 3 shifts of workers were used to complete wartime contracts. All types of tents were manufactured by Armbruster to include

  • WWI peaked billetting tents
  • Shelter Halves WWII open ended
  • Small Wall Tents
  • Large Wall Tents
  • Storage Tents
  • Command Post Tents
  • Hospital Ward Tents
  • Pyramidal Tents during WWII
  • Squad Tents
  • Large General Assembly Tents
  • 2 Story Tent Enclosures to work on B-17 and B-24 engines during the winter
  • Red Cross Tents of all sizes
  • And many customs sizes and shapes of canvas tents for every application

The last government contracts of canvas type tents were made during the Korean War by Armbruster. Armbruster still has the specification on hand in our files.

Today Armbruster sells it’s modern vinyl tents to the Government under GSA contract GS-07F-0111V. Armbruster has been making tents for the Military since 1875, and is proud to bring back these reproduction tents to help support a key part of U.S. History and the Greatest Generation.

Contact for pricing or 800-637-4326.