America’s Oldest Tentmaker since 1875

Armbruster Manufacturing has been building tents in American since 1875. This is our original plant based in Springfield, IL. We manufactured tents here from our beginnings until the plant was moved south of Springfield in the late 1970s. This original plant manufactured canvas goods, pillow cases, tarps, awnings, automobile covers, bags, canvas camping tents, water buckets, horse feed bags, circus tents, and early event tents for fairs and festivals. These and just about any items made from Canvas were produced in this plant. During World War I the plant manufactured Red Cross tents and early military pyramidals. During World War II the plant was ramped up with many other facilities (over 900 employees in 3 shifts) to make Canvas Military tents for World War II. After the war, production remained in the plant until Armbruster modernized and built it’s new building where it remains today under one roof. Today Armbruster has retained it’s generations of experience and builds the finest tents out of the finest materials at hand. Our employees are true craftsmen who build tents that last for decades.